Diana Pet Food
Job Description
Missions & Roles

 The Panelis Animal Technician-1 is responsible for performing palatability trials, animal husbandry, and facility upkeep to ensure the Panelis mission is accomplished. This is a junior position.

To perform palatability trials in a manner that facilitates obtaining acceptable results for the requestors; to operate facility equipment in a safe, proper manner; to ensure the facility remains in a clean, organized condition; and to ensure the animals’ health and well-being.
• Obtain food for pal tests from the SPF plant and/or external sources as necessary to ensure weekly pal test schedules are maintained.  
• Perform palatability test procedures in accordance with established schedules, procedures, and instructions in a manner that ensures reliable results are obtained.
• Accurately record required data on the cattery/kennel test sheet.
• Properly upload data into Citrix software.
• Record abnormal observations related to equipment, animals on test, facility, computer, etc. in the appropriate log book and notify appropriate individual(s) of the observations.
• Perform procedures as indicated in the Pay-for-Skills document for the position of Animal Technician – 1. 
• Help maintain the exterior of the animal facility as necessary.

• Maintain animal veterinary medical records, i.e. annotate animal arrivals/departures, treatments,       
                  diagnostics, behavior issues, etc. 
• Ensure animals are fed on time on a daily basis (whether or not on official test).
• Observe animals daily for indication of clinical illness and report as necessary to Panelis Manager, or designee.
• Ensure kittens and puppies are successfully integrated into the facility.
• Administer veterinary treatments and follow up as prescribed and annotate animal medical records.
• Perform routine preventative and veterinary technical procedures as indicated in the Pay-for-Skills document for the position of Animal Technician – 1.
• Ensure well-being and socialization activities are performed as scheduled. 
• Notify Panelis supervisor or manager concerning facility equipment and structural problems.
• Assist with minor facility maintenance as necessary.
• Perform routine cleaning and checking of Panelis vehicles
• Operate the internal fire/security alarm system to ensure the facility remains secure during non-working hours.
Quality & Food Safety 
Diana Petfood and its employees are committed to provide safe products and services to the market, which satisfy our customers' requirements and meet required regulatory standards through continuously improving our products, standards, and systems.
We will:
• Seek to become our customer's preferred choice for palatability solutions through sustained product quality, performance, and improvement.
• Ensure food safety is obtained through the beginning of our process to delivery to the customer.
• Have zero HACCP violations.
• Continuously appraise our business to increase operational excellence in our interactions with customers, vendors, employees, and the community.
• Comply with all applicable regulatory requirements, ensuring we provide a safe workplace for our employees.
• Have zero marketplace recalls.
• Take responsibility for all aspects of our supply chain, working with suppliers to ensure complete compliance with our quality systems, and ethical policies while optimizing our costs and overall efficiencies.
• Measure our progress against our quality and food safety objectives.
• Commit to train and appraise our employees in their adherence to our quality culture and food safety policy.

Internal & External Relationships
Ability to interface with all levels of associates in a professional manner both internally and externally.

Role with Regards to HQSE (Hygiene, Quality, Safety, Environment)
• Follow procedures,  instructions of the company  concerning his/her area of activity,  and 
           rules relative to HQSE areas within the company.
• Alert in case of non-respect/disorder of procedures, HQSE instructions and rules within the company. 
Role with Regards to Confidentiality:
Respect the confidentiality policy rules within the company.

Apply in person at 5300 Hwy. 25 North, Hodges, SC 29653 or fax your resume to 864-374-4141
Helpful to have Work keys: reading, math and locating information. minimum score of 4 in each category is acceptable. 
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