Maintenance Technician

Diana Pet Food
Job Description

Diana Pet Food/SPF North America is a worldwide leader of pet food enhancements. Diana Pet Food is the global leader and pioneer of high value solutions improving pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction.

Diana Pet Food is seeking an experienced Maintenance Technician. 

Quality & Food Safety 
Diana Petfood and its employees are committed to provide safe products and services to the market, which satisfy our customers' requirements and meet required regulatory standards through continuously improving our products, standards, and systems.
We will:
? Seek to become our customer's preferred choice for palatability solutions through sustained product quality, performance, and improvement.
? Ensure food safety is obtained through the beginning of our process to delivery to the customer.
? Have zero HACCP violations.
? Continuously appraise our business to increase operational excellence in our interactions with customers, vendors, employees, and the community.
? Comply with all applicable regulatory requirements, ensuring we provide a safe workplace for our employees.
? Have zero marketplace recalls.
? Take responsibility for all aspects of our supply chain, working with suppliers to ensure complete compliance with our quality systems, and ethical policies while optimizing our costs and overall efficiencies.
? Measure our progress against our quality and food safety objectives.
? Commit to train and appraise our employees in their adherence to our quality culture and food safety policy.
• To follow maintenance instructions
• To maintain the standard of work, and work output as set by the supervisor
• To determine equipment problems, shortage of parts or plant failure and bring any deficiencies to the attention of the maintenance supervisor or production supervisor if the defect will affect the production.
• To work in safe conditions.
• To wear and maintain in a good shape your Personal Protective Equipment.
• To learn and adapt to new duties/functions.
• To maintain all standards set by regulatory.
• Food Safety:
-To ensure all operations staff is trained on safe   food handling requirements to include knowledge of GMPs and HACCP. 
- To ensure all operations staff understands  intervals in the process that may present food safety risks and understand what actions should be taken in such events.  
• Responsible for the quality of the work   performed
• Have a licence to use a forklift.
• Work under the responsibility of the   Maintenance Supervisor or Delegate.
• Execute the following tasks:  
- Insure that you work in safe conditions for yourself and others working with you
- Insure the product quality comply at 100% with the set levels, and try to solve directly any quality issues within your level of skill.
- Participate in maintenance performance improvements (quality, safety, production)
• Identify, register, and correct all malfunctions and inform the Production Supervisor
• Demonstrate the following skills:
- Work performance.
 - Attention to detail.
- General attitude to company standard.
- Emotional stability.
- Safety conscious and willingness to follow safety rules
• Have minimum of three years experience 
• Have general mechanical abilities
• Have knowledge of basic electricity for motors, starters and switches
• Be able to monitor equipment for proper operation: analyse, evaluate and solve any kind of problem related to the equipment
• Be able to conduct preventive maintenance
• Be able to make necessary adjustments or repairs on equipment
• Have MIG and TIG welding abilities (appreciated but not necessary) Assist repair, construction and modification of equipment.
 • Execute and respect the company procedures and instructions
• Participate in the risk assessment
• Use progress sheet to increase the quality level of the company
• Safety checklists/procedures have to be followed: Confine space entry, Welding, Usage of any power tools, Power shut down prior to work on any electrical equipment: lock out / tag out
Specific PPE has to be worn accordingly to the maintenance operation that will be performed.
Compensation: $18.00- $24.00 per hour based on experience. 
All positions with Diana Pet Food/SPF North America require a criminal background check and drug testing as conditions of employment.  Diana Pet Food/SPF North America offers competitive wages and benefits to include medical, dental, life, vision, holidays, 401(k), and short term benefits. Vacation, and personal time off.  
To apply for this Maintenance Tech position you can apply by responding to this post; fax your resume to 864-374-4141 or apply in person to 5300 Hwy 25 N., Hodges, SC 29653
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